greig, hyde park, leeds 

Yorkshire Festival 2014
Bicyclism is part of the Yorkshire Festival, a 100-day programme of arts and culture celebrating the Grand Depart in Yorkshire.  For more information visit the yorkshire festival website.

Leeds Museums & Galleries
Leeds Museums and Galleries is one of the UK’s major museum services. Their collections total some 1.3 million items spread across nine sites. Leeds Museums are Bicyclism's host partners, offering their extensive curatorial expertise to the project as well as technical and marketing support.

Leeds Met
Students and staff from the Graphic Design department at Leeds Met are partnering on the design and build of the exhibition, as well as contributing exhibition materials and marketing.

Leeds Inspired & Arts Council England

Leeds Inspired celebrates the city's arts, sport and heritage events throughout the year, through the Leeds Inspired website, grants schemes and commissions. Leeds Inspired and Arts Council England have funded Bicyclism.