24 JUNE - 6 JULY

Bicyclism is a new exhibition at Leeds City Museum celebrating people in and around Leeds who inhabit the world of cycling, its history and popular culture. Part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014, and running alongside the Grand Depart, it includes a series of new portraits of (extra)ordinary Leeds cyclists, from stunt bikers in skate parks to local men and women who pedal daily well into old age, alongside crowd-sourced and archive images of Leeds people on their bikes as well as a soundtrack (composed on bicycles), and Bicyclism-themed print and film.

read the blog by boff whalley – on bicyclism & riding the first stage of the tour.

prior to the bicyclism exhibition opening on june 24th there will be a fascinating selection of the many photographs sent to us on display at leeds city museum, from monday 3rd june. these will be shown in the community corridor on the first floor. 

some of the photographs can be seen here in the gallery.  

there is also a 44-page bicyclism newspaper, available for free at Leeds city Museum as part of the exhibition. Claim yours! The paper collects casey orr's new series of photographic portraits with a selection of the pictures sent to us by cyclists in and around the leeds area, along with an essay by boff whalley.